VOA crossword

1. to think or believe that something will happen
2. to force out; to remove from; to send away
3. to give reasons for; to make clear; to tell about; to tell the meaning
4. to break apart violently with a loud noise, like a bomb
5. more than normal, more than expected or necessary
6. to travel to a place that is not well known to learn more about it; to make a research; to examine
7. to not succeed; to not reach a goal
8. honest; what is right
9. to be afraid; to worry that something bad is near
10. something around an area of land to keep animals or people in or out
11. extremely strong; violent; angry
12. to get possession of; to get more; to increase
13. to bring or come together into a group or place; to collect
14. hard, clear material that is easily broken, used more often for windows
15. things owned or made to be sold
16. a plant with long, narrow, green leaves
17. to come or cause to come to a stop; to stop
18. to become a fact or event; to take place
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