5 simple ways to care for each other during the COVID-19 pandemic

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5 simple ways to care for each other during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Here are five ways people are talking about caring for one another while staying safe as our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours navigate COVID-19.

1. Look after yourself, to look after us all – flatten the curve!
Use simple social distancing tactics like replacing hugs and handshakes with alternatives such as…

2. Check in on elderly neighbours
Although necessary, social isolation can be lonely.
Text, phone call, email or, if needed, especially if they live alone.

We’ve heard about amazing heroes who’ve gone out of their way to deliver groceries to their elderly neighbours – you could be one of ‘em

3. Reach out to people in self isolation
Send them funny memes or GIFs to cheer them up. Call them. Video chat them. Don’t forget about them. Make sure they feel less alone and have social support. Offer them help. Some communities have started to use such imaginative digital methods of connecting online to help neighbours who are in self-isolation.

Set an online lunch or dinner. Just because we’re apart doesn’t mean we can’t be together

4. Volunteer your time.
Know someone in self isolation or who needs to limit their public interactions? Offer to pick up and deliver their shopping, treats or other things they might need, while taking precautions to keep yourself safe. Your time and labour could be a big help to someone needing support.

5. Combat fake news online
Unfortunately, if not unexpected, misinformation on COVID-19 is floating around online. If you see it, report it to your platform and let anyone posting/sharing it know (e.g., via private message or commenting on the post).

1. Can you tell me of other ways to care for each other during the pandemic?
2. What have you been doing over the pandemic?
3. How is your life impacted by the pandemic?
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